What should I bring to Camp?

ALL CAMPERS: proof of insurance, volleyball shoes, knee pads, spandex/shorts, socks, t-shirts, water bottle, money for snacks and camp store.

RESIDENT CAMPERS: Everything listed above plus: Towels, extra blanket/comforter, bathroom items, snacks and money.

ITEMS PROVIDED: Sheets, Pillow, Blankets

Where and when do I check in?

For the following two camps, ALL campers (resident and commuter) will check in at Wright Hall.

    All-Skill Overnight Check in : July 6th, 12pm-12:45pm
    High School Team Camp Check in (RESIDENTS): July 20th, 8am-9am
    High School Team Camp Check in (COMMUTERS): July 20th, 8:30-9am

Youth Skills Day Clinic Campers will check in at the North Entrance of Redbird Arena July 23-25th.

Campus Map (pdf)

What Meals are provided?

All Skills Overnight Camp/Team Camp (RESIDENTS): all three meals will be provided.
All Skills Overnight Camp/Team Camp (COMMUTERS): Only lunch and dinner will be provided
No meals will be provided during the Youth Skills Day Clinic Sessions.

Can I choose my roommate?

Yes. You may choose your roommate when registering for camp. You both must request each other. We do have a strict double occupancy policy. We will do our best to keep groups of 3 or more close together in the dorms, but cannot guarantee this.

Are there Chaperones in the dorms?

Yes, for All Skills Overnight Camp and Team Camp, there will be chaperones provided in the dorms.

Where do I park?

You may park your vehicle in Lot G82.

If you are a resident camper bringing a vehicle to campus, we will provide you with a parking pass.

Campus Map (pdf)

My child has a dietary restriction or food allergy, will this be monitored?

Yes. Please fill this information out on the medical information form and our athletic trainer and staff will work with the dining staff to accommodate your child. We will also help monitor your child throughout camp meals. Please bring any allergy medication to our athletic trainer during check-in.

Camps Medical History Form (pdf)

Is there air conditioning?

Yes. Redbird Arena and North Gym are air-conditioned. Our Dorms are air-conditioned as well. Horton Fieldhouse is not. Please bring extra t-shirts and water if you sweat excessively.

Is there a registration deadline?

In order to accommodate all of our campers, we have extended our registration deadlines out until the day before camp begins. These dates are subject to change based on numbers
    All Skills Overnight Deadline: July 5th
    Team Camp Deadline: July 19th
    Youth Skills Day Clinic Deadline: July 25th, open through the last day of camp.

Is there a camp refund policy?

Refunds requests must be made in writing and sent to isuvbcamps@gmail.com for consideration. Full camp refunds, less a processing fee, can be requested no less than 14 days prior to the start of camp. There is a $50 processing fee for overnight camp cancellations and a $20 processing fee for day camp cancellations.

What if we can only attend a part of camp?

Please contact our Camp Director, Emily Siefken, at isuvbcamps@gmail.com or 309-438-0703 to discuss your specific request.

I am not sure if we can make it to camp, can we register the day of?

We are encouraging online registration. We have extended our registration deadline to the day before camp begins. We cannot guarantee a spot at camp unless online registration is completed. If registering for camp the day of is the only option, we will only accept cash and you must be a commuter camper. No Checks will be accepted and no resident campers will be accepted. All medical information, waivers and proof of insurance must be provided during this time as well.

Will I receive confirmation to verify my child’s registration?

Yes, you will receive an email confirming your child’s registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please communicate with our Camp Director, Emily Siefken, at isuvbcamps@gmail.com or 309-438-0703

Will there be an athletic trainer on staff?

Yes, we will have a certified athletic trainer on staff at all sessions. We will have water at all of our camps.

What can I do with my medications at camp?

Our athletic trainer will handle the distribution of all prescription medication. Please be sure this medication is in the original bottle with the patient’s and prescribing doctor’s name. Our athletic trainer will NOT distribute non-prescription medication (i.e. aspirin/ibuprofen), this is the responsibility of the camper.

Camps Medical History Form (pdf)

What forms do I need to fill out for my child to participate in camp?

In order to participate in Redbird Volleyball Camps, please provide a medical information form, the waiver and proof of insurance. We are encouraging this to be done prior to camp, but will accept this information at check-in the day of camp. Your child cannot participate in camp until we have obtained this information.

Camps Medical History Form (pdf)

I came to camp last year, do I still need to fill out the waivers?

YES! Waivers for camp are only good for that year. A new one needs to be filed for all 2018 camps. You will not be able to participate in camp until we have obtained this information.

Camps Medical History Form (pdf)

My child is commuting to camp, where will I pick them up after camp each day?

Please pick up your child at the circle drive on the north side of Redbird Arena. A chaperone will be present to make sure your child makes it safely to the correct vehicle. July 7th and 8th, your child will be dropped off in circle drive on the north side of Redbird Arena. Please pick up your child no later than 9:15pm.

Will someone be with my child walking from camp to the dining center and dorms?

Yes, at all times. A staff member will walk with your child from camp locations to Linkins Dining Center and to the dorms every meal time, prior to the start of camp each morning and after camp each evening.

What happens if I lose my key or meal card?

Please keep track of your key and meal card! You will be charged $75 for the key you have lost. A $5 fee will be assessed if you lose your access card or meal card.

Will I receive a T-Shirt?

Yes, campers in Overnight Skills Camp, Team Camp, and will receive a camp t-shirt during check in. Youth Skills Day Campers will receive a t-shirt if they attend all three sessions.

Can I purchase ISU Volleyball Gear?

Yes, we will have a camp store available to purchase items such as t-shirts and long sleeves.